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moving to the cloud with is simple and will deliver proven cost and efficiency savings. There is no need to worry about having IT staff or upfront purchases of costly servers that you then need to run and accommodate.

microsoft partnermicrosoft partner, as a Microsoft partner and cloud solutions provider are able to provide flexible pricing combined with a hands on specialist team who will make moving your infrastructure to the cloud a seamless experience.

auto updatesauto updates

all cloud solutions from update automatically so you always have the latest releases without the headaches and costs involved

fully managed cloudfully managed

once we have moved you to the cloud, the software and servers are fully managed for you including grade A security

balanceflexibility & control

using the portal you are offered complete flexibility and control in real time.

innovationinnovation & simplicity

utilising the latest technology, all our products and services have been designed with you in mind. Quite simply, there is nothing like it in the market.

first class supportsupport

online real time usage information, network level management tools coupled with our dedicated UK based customer service team offer a truly integrated support system. 24/7/365

our cloud & IT solutions

Office 365 is a suite of products which can include Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) as well as hosted email, cloud file storage, internal company social media, shared workspaces and Skype for Business all stored within the Microsoft Cloud where it is secure and backed up.

We can even register web site names and host your sites.

so why move your IT to the cloud?

costs : capital expenditure free, no server, software, maintenance or operational costs

flexibility : scales to your needs with ease, just add or remove a subscription

disaster recovery : peace of mind – servers are off site so no need for costly DR plans

automatic updates : free up resources, server and software updates are taken care of

simplicity : quick and easy to setup and manage

collaboration : increase productivity with collaboration and workflow apps

document control : files are stored centrally so everyone sees one version

work anywhere : just connect to the internet, who needs an office?

security : we use the latest compliant software and physical security systems, do you?

you know it makes sense…

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