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M2M or IoT (The Internet of Things) as it’s rapidly become known, is one of the biggest growth areas in mobile today. IoT enables the connection of multiple machines or devices together via special SIMs over a mobile network. This allows them to communicate and exchange data in real time


leverage the power of real time alerts and data, enabling prompt and effective decision making before an event has occurred


ensuring compatibility with virtually all machines and devices

real timereal time

remotely connect with other machines and devices within your network to assess how each is performing for your business in real time.

balanceflexibility & control

using the portal you are offered complete flexibility and control in real time.

innovationinnovation & simplicity

utilising the latest technology, all our products and services have been designed with you in mind. Quite simply, there is nothing like it in the market.

first class supportsupport

online real time usage information, network level management tools coupled with our dedicated UK based customer service team offer a truly integrated support system. 24/7/365

to find out more about the internet of things, watch the short video

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